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Canción Mixteca

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If you’re leaving, close the door. I’m not expecting people anymore. Hear me grieving, I’m lying on the floor. Whether I’m drunk or dead I really ain’t too sure. I’m a blind man, I’m a blind man and my world … Seguir leyendo

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Cuatro últimas canciones (Richard Strauss)

“En el crepúsculo” Hemos ido de la mano por alegrías y penas, ahora descansaremos de nuestros andares aquí, sobre el paisaje silencioso. Los valles se alejan cuesta abajo, el aire se vuelve oscuro ya, y solo quedan dos alondras que … Seguir leyendo

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Soldier of Fortune – Deep Purple I have often told you stories About the way I lived the life of a drifter Waiting for the day When I’d take your hand And sing you songs Then maybe you would say … Seguir leyendo

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This Land is Nobody’s Land

This land is your land This land is my land From California to the New York island; From the red wood forest to the Gulf Stream waters This land was made for you and Me. As I was walking that … Seguir leyendo

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El blues de la inflación

  Hey Mr. President All your congressmen, too You got me frustrated And I don’t know what to do I’m trying to make a living I can’t save a cent It takes all of my money Just to eat and … Seguir leyendo

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